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The Likya Pavilion Restaurant

One of Kalkan’s most highly acclaimed restaurants, the Likya Pavilion Restaurant is the domain of the one of the new style European chefs. It is also conveniently located equidistantly between Likya Gardens Hotel and Kalkan Harbour (Just five minutes), only a moment’s breath from the Pavilion Duplex Suites and a few minutes to the Pavilion Lofts which is just further up from the duplex suites.

The chef’s beautifully refined cuisine is now the talk of the town and our guests can only benefit from this convenience although Kalkan’s wide myriad of cafes and restaurants are only ten minutes’ walk away. The restaurant’s decor matches the natural light and airy ambiance of nature with the design sympathetically reflecting its location.

Almost settling on top of the Mediterranean, the Lykia Pavilion Restaurant defies even the most cynical among us not to feel slightly romantic when watching the beautiful sun settling in the sky on warm evenings. Little bridges, waterways and a pool bisecting the bar and restaurant coupled with lush plants finish the tapestry. Guests are raving about the service and the friendliness of the staff. Quirkily designed platters, with some meals served over hot stones are both intriguing and delightful.